Armed & Unarmed Security

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Licensed in State of Tennessee, Kentucky & Georgia - Fully Insured

We Perform CONTRACT Work for National Firms needing security in Tennessee, Kentucky & Georgia

  Short or Long Term & Emergency

Let  US  Help  YOU !


We are available by phone 24 hours per day.  When we contract for your security you will be given all of our contact numbers and will be able to contact us ANY TIME for questions or concerns.


We welcome your suggestions and ideas.  Our goal is to tailor YOUR protection to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.


We have short and long term contracts and will work with you to set up an agreement that fits your budget and your security concerns.

Security can be Puzzling:

WE ALL play a part in solving your security plan.  Let us do an assessment and design one that fits YOUR  business.

360 Degrees of Protection

  • Business Security
  • Industrial - Office - Retail - Medical - Construction Sites - Special Events -ATM's
  • Consulting - Training & Threat Assessment
  • Loss Prevention - Employee Education
  • Safety Seminars - Security in the Workplace
  • 24 Hour Emergency Security Response
  • Uniformed Officers or Plain Clothes

Our Officers are highly trained, insured and professional.  We select them for YOUR security needs based on their skills, experience and suitability for your assignment.


We are committed to protecting your Employees, Visitors, Facility, YOUR BUSINESS!

Day or Night  -  24 Hour

Professional Security

Office - Retail - Medical - Industrial 

Emergency Services - Special Events -

ATM's - Schools & K9 Protection